Thank you for your interest in employment opportunities with Speedway Motorsports, LLC and its subsidiaries.

Speedway Motorsports only accepts resumes for current employment opportunities. Postings may occur through many varied local, regional and/or national outlets, depending upon the position and the geographical location of the opportunity.

Speedway Motorsports is not affiliated with any work-at-home employment opportunity that would require the job seeker to purchase services or equipment to fulfill a job obligation.

If you suspect a job posting to be a scam, please send a copy of the posting to [email protected].


Job Scam Advisory - August 22, 2016

Please be aware that Speedway Motorsports has received reports of online job scams involving scammers posing as representatives of Speedway Motorsports, Inc. The scammer sends an unsolicited email or text message to job seekers offering a high paying, work-at-home employment opportunity with Speedway Motorsports, Inc. The scammer then requests to conduct an online interview with the job seeker through Google Hangouts. During the interview process, the scammer asks the job seeker a series of employment, personal and financial questions. The provided answers allow the scammer to determine the appropriate tactic to take advantage of the job seeker. The scammer may use the following tactics to take advantage of the job seeker including, but not limited to, asking the job seeker for personal and financial information, having the job seeker pay for services or supplies, or having the job seeker deposit checks (which turn out to be fraudulent).